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Locally & Organically Sourced × Crafted with Love









We know how hard you work.  Let us do the cooking for you.  No matter how big or small we can cater your next event.

Custom menus tailored to your budget and event.  

Catering available in Westchester, Connecticut & the Hamptons.

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We are opening up in Whole Foods Gowanus!

Starting September 6th, come eat with us at our new 7 day a week location. We couldn't be more excited to offer you daily specials and new menu items. Come visit!

Whole Foods Market 

214 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

11am - 8pm 

7 days a week


Smorgasburg Weekends 

Williamsburg - Saturdays

East River State Park


Prospect Park - Sundays

Breeze Hill (off Lincoln Rd. and Ocean Ave)

11am - 6pm

Lunchtime Under the Archway - Dumbo

Wednesday - Friday  (except May 18th - 20th)

across from 155 Water St.  DUMBO

11:30am  - 3pm





Chickpea and Olive is a pop-up vegan restaurant. We sprout up all around NYC.

Chickpea and Olive s located at Smorgasburg every Saturday & Sunday. During the week it's Lunchtime Under the Archway every Wednesday - Friday in Dumbo.  

We are open inside Whole Foods Gowanus seven days a week.  Come eat!

For the most up to date information follow us on social media.


Chickpea and Olive's recreates soul comforting food but with a healthy twist,

Better for you, the planet, and the animals.  Triple win.  

We select excellent ingredients and work with awesome NYC bakeries, artisans, and growers.  

Delicious food.  Crafted with love.  We call it peace on a plate.



Daniel Strong has worked quietly in kitchens all over manhattan. Before falling in love with Danielle Ricciardi and starting Chickpea & Olive, he was the sous chef of Dell'Anima, an Italian trattoria in Manhattan's West Village, where he directed the kitchen through everyday operations and developed dishes that gave praise to a heritage of regional cuisine. Daniel has since converted to a strict vegetarian diet, and as a result his food has transformed. In each dish he ensures that no flavor is muted, and every ingredient is used with purpose.



Danielle Ricciardi has worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade.  She has bartended, served, and managed at restaurants all around NYC and Chicago. Being Italian American, family and love meant handmade manicotti and gathering around the big pot of Sunday gravy.  When she was little, Danielle would help her mom in the kitchen, preparing huge family meals - never the least of which was the Christmas supper.  Her passion for food is a hard wooden spoon rooted in her soul. When she founded Chickpea and Olive, it was with the goal of binding her passion for food with compassion; Chickpea and Olive is the expression of peace and compassion through food.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

"May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all."

OM, shanti shanti shanti.






(347) 994-9442



Across from 155 Water St.  

Wednesday - Friday

11:30am - 3pm


Smorgasburg WEekends 

Saturdays  - 90 N. Kent Ave Brooklyn, NY 11249

Sundays - Prospect Park - Breeze Hill


whole foods market

214 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

7 days a week

11am - 8pm


Sa 11a–6p
Su 11a–6p

check social media to see if we have any pop-ups through out the week.  we sprout up all the time.  #everydaywehustlin'



Whole Foods Market - 7 days a week


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  DUMBO Location - Lunchtime Under the Archway


Saturday Smorgasburg Location - East River State Park


Sunday Smorgasburg Location - Prospect Park - Breeze Hill ( off Lincoln Rd. & Ocean Ave)